Mixed Style Sambo wrestling image

Combat Sambo and Wrestling

Sometimes being referred as "Russian Wrestling" - sambo wrestling features a wide range of wrestling styles that resemble Judo and some styles of Jujitsu. The key with wrestling is being able to overpower your opponent with just your body strength and without using any punches or kicks...

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Combat Sambo and Striking

One of the most effective ways to win a fight against an opponent would be to shower them with punches and kicks, whether it is to the head or any other part of the body. Knowing how and when to strike is a key element to victory no matter if you are in the cage or protecting yourself in the street...

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Sambo and Self-Defence

Self Defence techniques which are learned from Sambo are very effective when trying to protect yourself and others from aggressors trying to cause you harm. Combat Sambo is even the favoured choice for close quarters combat by some militaries, special forces and the police which makes it one of the number one sports for defending yourself...

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