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A little bit about Mixed Style Sambo...

Combat Sambo is a Russian martial art and combat sport developed by the Soviet Red Army to help improve hand-to-hand combat. The acronym Sambo translates to "self-defense without weapons".

Combat Sambo is divided into three separate styles of fighting which is: Wrestling, Striking and Self Defence against weapons such as knives and firearms. Combat Sambo ensures the most effective method of fighting when faced with any type of opponent.

Mixed Style Sambo London offers a top training facility for all standards. Classes are open to adults and teenagers with any level of experience or no experience at all. All our coaches are fully trained expert martial artists, passing on all their experience and knowledge to you.

Mixed Style Sambo not only allows you to train to fight in competitions, it will also enable you to protect yourself in potentially life threatening situations. It offers a unique style of fitness training to help keep you fit and healthy, all in a welcoming, friendly environment.

Once you join Mixed Style Sambo London you'll have the opportunity to take our club gradings and enter competitions, although many students come simply for the fitness aspect of our training.

Whether you're looking to compete or simply improve your fitness and health Mixed Style Sambo London is here to help you achieve your desired goals. So why not come on down and see how mixed style sambo could benefit you.

We are located in Crayford which is based around the South East London/Kent area. We are easily accessed by public transport, with a train station and bus stops located only minutes away from our club, which is directly at the Europa Centre.

If you require more information about Mixed Style Sambo London please don't hesitate to get in contact.