Oleg Sibilev

Oleg Sibilev

Director at Sambist Fighting Academy

Oleg Sibilev has been involved in Judo and Sambo since 1981. He`s not only studied the sporting aspect of Sambo but also the self defence side of the style. Oleg has competed in many major Judo and Sambo events around the USSR managing to win medals in the majority of competitions that he was entered in. Later, Oleg took up coaching at T&M MMA focusing on wrestling and grappling subsequently moving on as sports and combat Sambo coach at Nemisis Gym. Since then, he has coached in a number of different clubs around London and is currently the Head Coach at Sambist Fighting Academy. By 2015 he became a British Masters Champion in Sport Sambo and thereafter held the title multiple times. Oleg is a valued member of the British Combat Sambo Association, is the current head of UK Mixed Sambo Association, and his club, Sambist Fighting Academy, is attracting much interest and many members from lots of different countries.

David Reid

David Reid

Main Coach at Vega Baja Combat Sambo

David Reid is one of Spain`s most experienced sport and combat sambo trainer. Having taken part in various competitions he has solid knowledge of the sport, in both, the training side as well as how to prepare fighters competitively. David has a very active club which offers many training days throughout the week.

Vasily Sergeevich Skudnov

Vasily Sergeevich Skudnov

Director at Olymp

Vasily Sergeevich Skudnov, born in 1972, master of sports of Russia in sambo, winner of all-Russian and medalist of international competitions. At this time, the director of "ANO" SK OLYMP" is a coach in sports and combat sambo.


Artiom Krasavin

Coach at Sambist Fighting Academy

Artiom Krasavin has participated in renowned national and international IBF Judo/Sambo tournaments always claiming a spot as a top 3 finalist in every event. He has been receiving professional coaching on a regular basis which has enabled him to use his senior experience in the sport to join Oleg as a coach at Sambist Fighting Academy With a full CRB and first aid training he has chosen to coach the classes to teach the sport as well as the correct discipline needed in physical sports.

ivan coach

Ivan Malev

Lead Coach at Bull Sambo Club

As a teenager, I started with wrestling and participated in many competitions in Bulgaria and internationally. 20 years old I continued with sports sambo and also participated in national and international tournaments. Master sport of sports. Coach at Bull Sambo Club.